Java wood for parrots

What so special about Java wood for parrots?
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  • Java wood is extremely hard and durable and naturally insect free
  • Java wood is a very hardwood withstanding even large parrot use over time.
  • Java wood branches naturally grow horizontally with considerable twists and variable diameters. No other bird safe hard wood grows in such bird friendly configurations.
  • The Java Wood Tree play stand provides your bird plenty of room to explore and flap its wings
  • Java Wood Trees are made from non-productive coffee trees using natural, renewable, recycled and earth-friendly materials.
  • Java Wood Trees are mounted on a beautifully finished base. Each is one-of-a-kind and combines the best of mother nature and fine craftsmanship.
  • The perfect bird stand to bring a little taste of the Jungle to your feathered friend(s).
  • This java wood parrot play stand is a life time investment because java wood is virtually indestructible. It’s also gorgeous
  • You can jazz this play stand up in so many ways. For some awesome chewing opportunities for your bird, wire on a living branch of a non-toxic tree. There’s no end to the foraging ideas you’ll come up with for your conure or cockatiel parrot.The smooth wood is warm and comfy for their feet, plus it exercises their feet with the various diameters too.If you’ve been looking for a wooden perch play stand your parrot can’t destroy in a week or so, this is your stand.

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