Ryan's Javawood

brand was founded in 2016 by Ryan Ariestyo.  in 2017 we established a company with the name CV.RAYWOOD GLOBALINDO to expand our market reach all over the world.

Transform Natural beauty to life

Our company mainly focuses on natural handicraft products made from a variety of wood types, fibers, coconut, bamboo and any other natural and eco-friendly materials

Our products are beautifully designed by nature itself, we help to transform that beauty through handcrafting and refining to bring that beauty to life.

Within 5 years we are growing very fast and have big clients all over the world. We ensure to offer you the best quality products, and we are very proud that our products can be accepted by the global market continuously.

quality is our concern

At CV. Raywood Globalindo, we manufacture high quality natural products for your pet birds, reptiles, hamsters, cats, dogs etc.

We processed Javawood and other natural materials to be all kinds of products like bird playstand / perch, bird toys, reptile hiding cave, dog chews and many more.

Now we are developing a variety of our products in the field of natural furniture and other products from natural waste materials that are environmentally friendly (eco friendly), with a blend of creativity we continue to innovate to create products that can add value and benefits to the environment.

Why Choose Us?

We believe that having the same vision and mission, the same passion, a combination of creativity, eco-friendly and recycle products, 100% natural guarantee products and safe for animal testing will increase the benefits and economic value for many people. Javawood is not just a business, but we hope that there will be a long term relationship that also provides satisfaction and the best products for our partners and customers. Together we make a better world