Multi Branches

Java Tree’s multi branches are made from the same type of trees as our Java tree perches. The natural winding bends makes them a playgym in itself for inside the cage. They are carefully designed by choosing where the cut should be made, then debarked, cured, ends smoothed, cleaned, and hand-sanded. The designs also take into consideration that the smaller diameter detachables are for smaller birds so there will be less space between branches, whereas in the larger diameter detachables are for larger birds so there will be more space in between branches.

Sturdy hardwood from the Java (coffee) tree treats your bird’s feet to different, natural diameters that keep muscles exercised. Each branch has at least two forks, knots, and nubs for your bird to peck. Wide space at end or between forks allows bird a comfortable roosting place. Great for multiple bird cages. Heavy-duty hardware on the end of each branch allows you to place it anywhere inside or outside of your bird’s cage. Since these branches are natural, each one looks different.

Birds spend the majority of their time standing on their feet, so good perches are essential. Just as you prefer a comfortable pair of shoes, birds need comfortable perches. Birds also use perches to rub their beaks on to remove pieces of food. An ideal perch is easily cleaned, comfortable to the bird, and of the proper material and diameter to prevent foot problems. Perches may be stationary or swinging. All cage items, including perches, should be selected knowing that birds like to chew, shred, and destroy things; and therefore, items will often need to be replaced.

Java Wood Multi Branches Features:

Note: Photo of item is just representative of overall design because these products are made from natural tree branches so no two items will ever be the same.